Ultimate Email Playbook


The Ultimate Email

Playbook (WITH SCRIPTS) 

No more stone-cold rejection, or worse radio silence.

43 email scripts from best marketers on the web:

  • Welcome campaigns that train them to open
  • Activation drips that wake up cold leads
  • Conversion messages that they can’t resist

Easy / lazy: Just copy, paste, send.

Email isn’t dead.

It’s not snake oil, folks. It’s just scripts.

7-figure monthly revenue from drip campaigns…

Repeat business to customers that never cancel…

The last marketing channel that’s not pay-to-play.

The Ultimate 

Email Playbook

with 43 Proven Scripts

that you’re leaving on the table.

Emails = Money…

It’s still the #1 owned channel for nurturing leads into customers into raving lunatic fans…

and it’s MOST startups’ MOST under-leveraged channel.

Better email instantly. 

Exact scripts you can copy now:

  • welcome messages
  • activation campaigns
  • recapture & churn prevention
  • “hard sell” conversion campaigns that actually work

Plus the psychological triggers behind them.

The Ultimate Email Playbook

These email optimizations used to only be accessible to selected companies in the 500 Startups portfolio.

  • doubled conversion rates on consumer business
  • quadrupled email-to-demo rates in B2B
  • increased open rates by 10%+ across the board
  • closed key investor and influencer meetings

I’m Susan Su, Parter at 500 Startups.
After working with hundreds of companies to optimize their email marketing, 

I compiled the best-in-class scripts that:

Now they’re all yours.

Long story short, I made The Ultimate Email Playbook (with Scripts) because 

I was tired of seeing good companies miss out on good money.

It’s like my hollywood tell-all. 

Except there’s way more in the Playbook.

  1. Welcome Emails
  2. Template 1 Welcome email: basic template
  3. Template 2 Welcome email: “Surprise free download”
  4. Template 3 Welcome email: “Just hit reply”
  5. Template 4 Welcome email: “Welcome to my content list”
  6. Template 5 Welcome email: “Remember us?”
  7. Template 6 Welcome: “a personal hello”
  8. Activation emails
  9. Template 7 Activation email: “want any help?”
  10. Template 8 Activation email: didn’t complete
  11. Template 9 Activation email: “Activated but didn’t buy” 
  12. Template 10 Activation email: “didn’t buy AGAIN”
  13. Template 12 Activation email: “Activate last call”
  14. Template 13 Activation email: “Trial to paid”
  15. Resend to non-opens messages
  16. Template 14 Resend to non-opens – fwd you’re invited
  17. Template 15 Resend to non-opens
  18. Template 16 Resend to non-opens
  19. Reactivation Messages 
  20. Template 17 Reactivate: “Are you still at that job?” 
  21. Template 18 Reactivate: “hey, still doing __?” 
  22. Template 19 Reactivate: “still doing __?”
  23. Cold emailing for B2B — OPENERS
  24. Template 20 B2B emails: “Free trial”
  25. Template 21 B2B emails: “great results, want the same?”
  26. Template 22 B2B emails: “Who’s the right contact?” 
  27. Template 23 B2B emails: “How he did it”
  28. Template 24 B2B email: “Strategy session, no cost”
  29. Template 25 B2B emails: “Fwd: you’re invited”
  30. Template 26 B2B emails: “Request your free assessment” 
  31. Template 27 B2B emails: “Have you tried this yet?”
  32. Template 28 B2B Emails: “the tactics that no longer work” 
  33. Template 29 B2B emails: “Triple digit conversions”
  34. Template 30 B2B emails: “Serving your peers”
  35. Referral Messages
  36. Nurture Messages
  37. Template 32 Nurture Emails: “Please don’t forward” 
  38. Template 33 Nurture Emails: “The tactics that no longer work”
  39. Template 34 Nurture Emails: “The Market is Heating Up” 
  40. Template 35 Nurture Emails: “Thanks and quick question re: growth” 
  41. Template 36 Nurture Emails: “See What They’re Saying About You”
  42. Template 37 Nurture Emails: “Where do we send your free sample?” 
  43. Partnerships
  44. Template 38 Partnership & B/D Email: “Let’s partner – 10k reach”
  45. Investors
  46. Template 39 Investor Emails: “Investor intro”
  47. Template 40 Investor Emails: “Like your portfolio co X but for Y”
  48. Mobile
  49. Template 41 Mobile app emails 
  50. Template 42 Upsell Emails: “Your order confirmation”
  51. “The Hard Sell”
  52. Template 43: “The Hard Sell”
  53. Conclusion

The Full Table of Contents

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The Ultimate Email Playbook

is a dead-simple bucket o’ templates you can use to convert more of your emails into conversations, purchases, and closes…

… By activating your unresponsive, ice-cold email list of contacts into replies, demos, and meetings.

I’ve built an email swipe vault from the top psychological email marketers in the world.

(I’ve been collecting and studying these emails since 2008, yes I’m weird.)

But no one’s perfect.

So I went the extra mile and made these emails just a little more irresistible, the way the email marketers who created them would have done — if they’d had a second chance.

I put all of these swipes together in a handy, 100% copyable file for your 

downloading pleasure.

You literally just copy and paste (~5 sec, 10 if you’re a slow clicker?), and boom. 

Your psychological email marketing for the week / month / life = done.

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How it Works

When I first started “email marketing,” I sent over 100 messages with exactly 0% response rate.

What’s worse, these were emails of my resume — I was trying to get my first job out of college.

I thought, “Hey I went to a good school (Stanford), and when they see that name on my email, they’ll have to reply to me!”


I was missing the most basic, and most important, rule email marketing.

The one rule that 98 out of the 100+ startups I’ve worked with in the past 7 years have gotten wrong…

…as a result leaving money on the table, 

and paying through the nose for lead acquisition via channels like Facebook and Google, where ROI is a variable yet cost is a constant.

Two of the businesses I worked with directly got it right 

(maybe thanks in part to little ole me 🙂

I sent hundreds of successful, revenue-generating emails out to a list of 700,000 subscribers at AppSumo, and sold millions of dollars of products through the email list at Ramit Sethi’s business, I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

In short, we printed money from our email lists.

The email marketing formulas you’re about to unlock are taken from those experiences, and come from thousands of tests and optimizations painstakingly run by the top email marketers in the world…

PS — This is NOT templates of blast-y, glossy email newsletters run by big brands with huge lists and a lot of complementary marketing spend to burn.

These are psychological emails specifically designed to convince and convert — new leads, dormant customers, and even investors…

The Ultimate Email Playbook (With Scripts)

Uh, who are you?

I’m on the Growth Marketing team at 500 Startups, the most active seed stage VC firm in the world.

I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best online marketers in the world, and now I pay it forward by helping early stage startups level up their growth through email (among other things :).

About Email For Startups

Created with Love by Susan

Worked for the best, learned from the best.

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