Email For Startups is a project by Susan Su, Partner on the growth marketing team at 500 Startups.

At 500, I advise our portfolio companies in the areas of growth that I’ve had operational experience and successes in. These are email marketing and content marketing (I sent millions of emails generating even more millions of dollars during my time at AppSumo and I Will Teach You To Be Rich).

This project came about because I was seeing the same problems over and over again, and I realized that these were some common — and costly — problems that most early stage teams deal with.

The companies I worked with saw open rates jump double digits, and similar results in click-through rate and activation.

The changes I made felt fairly simple (to me) but I realized that in some cases it’s easier to give a person a fish than to teach them — painstakingly — how to fish. Especially when it took me 8+ years of concentrated effort to learn it myself.

My goal with Email For Startups is to make both the fish — and the rod — more accessible to everyone.

Please check my growing library of free materials here on this site, and if/when you’re ready, take a look at my Ultimate Email Playbook (with Scripts).